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Step 3: Permit Application

Apply for permits and submit plans, if required.


The permit application requires information about the construction project, including who will perform the work, what type of work will be done, where the work will be done, and how the work will be done.

  • When Permits are Required
  • Types of Permits
    • The scope of your project will determine which permits are required. The following permits should be submitted to: City Hall, 435 Hamilton Street, Allentown, 4th Floor
      • Zoning Permits
      • Building Permits (new construction, alterations, demolition, electrical, heating/mechanical, plumbing, roofing, signs)
      • Health/Food Establishment Permit
    • Submit the following permits to: Bridgeworks, 641 South 10th Street, Allentown, 3rd Floor
      • Engineering Permits
  • Plans
    • Sketches, drawings, plans, or other documentation of the proposed work may need to be submitted for review. Commercial plans must be reviewed by an approved 3rd party plan review agency.
  • Licensed Contractors
    • In some instances, licensed contractors will be required to perform the work. Examples are electrical, plumbing, heating, sheet metal work. When engaging contractors, it is advisable to check with the State of Pennsylvania, to make sure they have a HIC registration number.
  • Building/Alterations Checklists