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Codified Ordinance Index

Part 1 Administrative Code

  1. General Provisions, Citizens Rights and Participation, Legislative Branch, Administrative Offices and Departments, Financial Procedures
  2. Officers and Employees Pension
  3. Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System
  4. Police Pension
  5. Fire Pension
  6. Pension Recovery, Police and Fire Retirement, Civil Service
  7. Authorities, Boards and Commissions; Code of Ethics

Part 3 Business Regulations and Taxation

  1. Businesses and Licensing: Pawnbrokers, Taxicabs, Solicitation, Transporting Household Goods, Special Events, Business License, Business Rentals
  2. Business Taxes: Earned Income, Business Privilege, Occupation Privilege, Realty Transfer, Mechanical Amusement
  3. Annual Taxes: Charter Provisions, Land Value, Assessment Law, Property Tax, Residence Tax
  4. Fire Insurance Escrow, Delinquent Taxes
  5. Fees: EMS, Golf, Public Works, Delinquent Accounts, CEDC, Liquor License Transfer, Police

Part 5 Traffic

  1. Traffic Administration: Definitions, Traffic Division, Temporary Regulations, Traffic Control Maps, Accident Reports, Enforcement
  2. Traffic Regulations: Vehicle Operation, Weight Limits, Operation in Parks, Pedestrians, Snow Routes, Cruising
  3. Stopping, Standing and Parking Rules: Stopping and Parking, Parking Meters, Residential Permit Parking, Impounding, Abandoned Vehicles, Street Sweeping
  4. Bicycles

Part 7 General Offenses Code

  1. Animals Regulations 
  2. Noise, Vehicular Sounds, Sound Trucks
  3. Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance
  4. Temporary Sign Ordinance
  5. Disturbing the Peace, Daytime Curfew, Property Destruction, Trespass, Weapons Possession, Drug Paraphernalia
  6. Street/Sidewalk Vendors, Street/Sidewalk Regulations, Skateboards
  7. Sexual Predator Laws

Part 9 Streets, Utilities, and Public Services

  1. Excavations, Permanent Obstructions and Temporary Obstructions, Protection of Streets, Private Driveways, Sidewalks, Curbs, Ramps for Handicap, Cross-overs; Lot and House Numbering; Shade Trees, Overhead Utility Permit Ordinance, Community Antenna Systems, Street Vacations
  2. Water: General Provisions, Water Service Pipes, Water Rates, Water Meters
  3. Sewers: Sewage Disposal, Sewage and Industrial Wastes, Storm Sewer Ordinance, Sewer Rates, Industrial Cost Recovery System
  4. Parks and Hamilton Street Regulations

Part 11 Public Health Code

          1.  Board of Health

          3.  Food Service and Sanitation Food Service and Sanitation

          5.  Solid Waste and Recycling Regulations 

          7.  Child and Group Care Regulations

        9A.  Weeds, Cockroaches, and Vermin Control

        9B.  Adult Arcades   

        9C.  Lead Poisoning, Cigarette Vending Licensing Lead Poisoning, Cigarette Vending Licensing

         9D.  Regulating Bees, Defibrillators, School Sanitation

Part 13 Zoning and Land Regulations

  1. Zoning Ordinance
  2. Planning Commission
  3. Subdivision Regulations
  4. Land Development Regulations
  5. Historic District
  6. Special Districts

Part 15 Fire Prevention Codes 

  1. Local Fire Regulations

Part 17 Building and Housing Codes

  1. Uniform Construction Code
  2. Local Regulations-Incinerators, Swimming Pools, Trailer Parks, Center City Signs
  3. Property Rehabilitation Code
  4. Police and Fire Emergency Alarm Systems

Additional Information
These ordinances are occasionally revised or changed by City Council at official and open public meetings. Every effort is made to keep this website up to date. However, there may be a short period of time between City Council changing an ordinance and the revised ordinance being posted on this site. If you have any questions about the status of a particular ordinance, please call the City Clerk's office at 610.437.7556 or email Mike Hanlon.