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Allentown Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

Welcome to the City of Allentown’s Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

When natural or man-made disasters or large-scale emergencies occur, many people instinctively want to help.  However, if you are not an emergency responder or volunteer affiliated with an emergency response agency, your skills may be unused or underutilized.

Allentown Volunteer Medical Resource Corps (AVMRC) is volunteer base of community members who work with the Allentown Health Bureau and disaster response professionals during emergencies and at other times throughout the year to address the public health needs within the City of Allentown. Health professionals as well as community members with other skills and experiences play important roles during the response to public health emergencies.

AVMRC is looking for new volunteers - you do not need to be an Allentown resident to join. During a public health emergency, we will need both medical and non-medical volunteers including:

Physicians ~ Nurses ~ Social Workers ~ Paramedics ~ EMTs ~ Pharmacists Physician Assistants ~ Certified Nursing Assistants ~ Health Educators Translators/Linguists ~ Clerical Support ~ Data Entry ~ Phone Receptionists ~ Greeters ~ Food Services ~ Crowd Management ~ Loading/Shipping ~ and many more…

Free presentations on AVMRC:  If you belong to an organization or worksite, or have a group of friends that would like to learn more about AVMRC, please contact the Allentown Health Bureau to schedule a free presentation.  An Allentown Health Bureau staff person and AVMRC volunteer would be happy to schedule a presentation with your group.

Becoming an AVMRC volunteer:   There are **3 steps to become a member of AVMRC.

1: Complete the AVMRC application. Click on the application that best describes you (Health Professional or Community Member). Then print, complete and sign the application. Please follow the directions to return it to the Allentown Health Bureau (Note: the application cannot be completed electronically)

2: Register on SERVPA. One goal of the AVMRC is to ensure that volunteers are identified, screened, trained and prepared prior to their participation in any activity. SERVPA, the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Pennsylvania, is the emergency system for the advance registration of volunteer medical and non-medical volunteers. An important feature of the SERVPA system is that it verifies medical credentials (if applicable) and conducts criminal history record checks of our volunteers. In addition, SERVPA is the system that the Allentown Health Bureau will utilize during an emergency to contact AVMRC volunteers to provide communications and request assistance.  (NOTE:  Only AVMRC volunteers who are registered and affiliated with AVMRC in the SERVPA system will be contacted and utilized during an emergency response. 

Please complete your SERVPA registration today -
click here to begin.  It's also important to note that there are volunteer protections in place for AVMRC volunteers who are registered in SERVPA; please be sure to read the "Terms of Service" on the SERVPA website.)

3: Attend an AVMRC orientation. In an effort to expedite your request to join AVMRC, the Allentown Health Bureau holds both individual and small-group orientation sessions.  The purpose is to provide an overview of the AVMRC, and for both the AVMRC volunteer and members of the Allentown Health Bureau to meet prior to an emergency response.  The individual orientation generally takes 1-hour and is scheduled at a time that's convenient to the AVMRC volunteer

**Note: These steps can be completed in any order.

If you have questions, would like additional information about AVMRC or would like to schedule a free presentation about AVMRC, please contact the Allentown Health Bureau via:

Phone:  610-437-7760 weekdays between 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

AVMRC Contacts at the Allentown Health Bureau:

Belle Marks, Associate Director for Personal Health Services & AVMRC Unit Leader
MaryEllen (Mel) Shiels, Public Health Preparedness Program Manager & SERVPA-AVMRC Administrator
Vicky Kistler, Director of Health

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of community-based volunteer units that focus on improving the health, safety and resiliency of their local communities. The mission of the MRC is to engage volunteers to strengthen public health, emergency response and community resiliency.