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Students Rewarded with Fire Truck Ride

Students Rewarded with Fire Truck Ride

The City of Allentown along with the Allentown Fire Department in partnership with the Allentown School District is rewarding the hard work of some elementary school students with a ride to school in a fire engine. The program begins Monday, May 4 at Luis Ramos Elementary School and will conclude on Tuesday, June 2 at Hiram Dodd Elementary School.
Two students from each of the participating elementary schools have been selected by their principal to be rewarded with the ride. Students were selected for excellence in academics, academic improvement, citizenship, perfect attendance, leadership in the classroom and safety patrol.

Schedule and Student Winners:

May 4, 2015 Luis Ramos School 1430 West Allen Street Christopher Gooch & Valerie Alcala
May 6, 2015 Mosser Elementary 129 S. Dauphin Street Jasmine Richardson & Anthony Perez
May 7, 2015 Lehigh Parkway Elementary 1708 Coronado Street Natalie Santiago, Novak Akinyele & Shandalie Nunez
May 11, 2015 Central Elementary School 829 W. Turner Street Xavier Rodriguez & Alexis Villanueva
May 13, 2015 Ritter Elementary School 790 North Plymouth Street Maryann Ibrahim & Jacob Quinones
May 14, 2015 Union Terrace Elementary 1939 Union Street Jennifer Hernandez & Jonathan Perez
May 18, 2015 Jefferson Elementary 750 St. John Street Chris Correa & Darlin Santana
May 19, 2015 Muhlenberg Elementary 740 N 21st Street Randy & Isabella Macsisak
May 20, 2015 Roosevelt Elementary 210 W. Susquehanna Street Sophia Alacron & Eliezer Jimerez
May 21, 2015 Cleveland Elementary School 424 N. Ninth Street Juan Gonzalez & Trinity Johnson
May 26, 2015 McKinley Elementary School 1124 Turner Street David Mendoza & Arianny Gonzalez
May 27, 2015 Sheridan Elementary School 521 N. 2nd Street Candy Poston & Miguel Wood
May 28, 2015 Washington Elementary 837 N. 9th Street Karen Martinez & Anthony Garcia
June 2, 2015 Hiram Dodd Elementary 1944 S. Church Street Adriana Rivera & Luis Daniel Cordero-Gonzalez

The students will be picked up at their home by a fire engine and transported to their respective school. Arrival is expected between 9:05am and 9:15am. The students will also receive a certificate from the fire chief and signed by the mayor in recognition of their achievement.


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